CAD Visualization & Collaboration Redefined

An engaging platform that helps architects collaborate with their clients in real time.

"For architects who use building information modelling (BIM) tools, Maquettio provides quick, easy, and low cost means of showcasing your project's progress and speed up collaboration with clients and colleagues. Unlike other platforms, Maquettio is designed for ease of use and low cost per project, allowing for faster feedback cycles at a fraction of the cost of traditional physical models or other collaboration and visualization tools."

invite your team and clients to collaborate

Close the existing gap of modern tools between Architects and Clients.

Register your own firm and invite as many team mates and clients into any project to speed up project collaboration.

Participate in multiple projects simultaneously as creator, administrator or invitee and control user access.

Get full control of project visibility with both private or public mode sharing capabilities.

Keep stakeholders engaged by sharing latest annotations on projects via real-time private messaging.

Gather and document client feedback in a much faster manner with state-of-the-art image and file sharing inside your project revisions.

Reduce the use of costly physical development methods to garner feedback by accessing Maquettio's mobile and cloud technology managed with one single account.

create, organize and SHOWCASE your projects

Easily create new Projects and manage project versioning through unlimited Revisions that keep stakeholders updated.

Showcase your work to your clients and partners in the comfort of their homes via mobile devices or online.

Manually upload your .FXB from your own BIM files to generate the models.

Upload your revisions directly from Autodesk's Revit by using the free Maquettio Uploader Add-On for Revit.

Take advantage of Friendly User Interface helpers to guide you in your new experience from creating your first project to publishing and sharing.

Enhanced the average 3D Render User Experience with Mobile Augmented Reality and Interactive Models.

Post renders or views to the Project Gallery or share them in real-time via private messaging to comment on details.

Access and filter all your projects from a single dashboard to keep them organized and findable.

all your projects on the go! Mobile and cloud ready.

No special software or hardware requirements.
It works in the cloud and with your mobile device simply login to your account to get started.

Take advantage of unique native features by downloading the Maquettio Mobile App available for iOS and Android from your favorite app store.

Cut expenses on additional cloud drives to keep your projects safe at hand ready for showcase and sharing.

Upload your files from your favorite cloud storage service. Maquettio integrates with Google Drive, Box and One Drive. (coming soon).

Access your projects from multiple locations and devices whenever you need it.

Ready to mobilize your modeling and collaboration projects?

Download Maquettio from your favorite app store

Ready to see your model in Augmented Reality (AR)?
Download and print this marker and switch your viewer to AR mode.

how it works

Create a project.

Upload your models, exporting whichever layers you wish from your BIM files as FBX files.

Add your customer’s email or account to the project's stakeholder list, and we will handle notifications every time you update the model.

Whenever a client provides feedback, we will notify you, and provide you with annotated pictures.

An engaging platform that helps architects collaborate with their clients in real time.

Download the Maquettio App from the iOS or Android App store.

Input the invitation code given to you by the architect.

Load and view the model inside Maquettio.

Provide feedback to Creators.

Download the Maquettio App and collaborate with creators

Ready to see your model in Augmented Reality (AR)?


John has hired Architect Kenzo to build his dream home, and would like to see how his home will look. 

Kenzo uses Maquettio to upload his files, and tells John that he can now use his phone to see a virtual model of his home. He sends John an invite to Maquettio with a small marker to open the project.

John can now view a model of his home anywhere he goes and provide timely feedback to Kenzo, including annotated pictures, allowing John to ensure he gets exactly the home he wants.

Architect Arthur has an extensive portfolio of buildings he has designed, and would like to display them at client meetings.

Using Maquettio, he can create a gallery of his preferred buildings, and allow customers to see his featured works as virtual models.

Clients can review the maquettes in-depth without being bound to their meeting time with Arthur. They can access and share the augmented models at their own pace and participate their own stakeholders for decisions making.